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More Than Blood:

The lid of the tank screeched softly as Erroll began to remove it from the small dome, exposing his beloved pets that resided inside.  Since his adventures to the States began back in Germany so many months ago, Erroll had found himself quite the family.  From a snow-white serpent to an eight-legged creepy crawly, to the man he had come to believe existed only within his fantasies. In such a short trip, Erroll found it all—everything he could ever want and need in life, plus so much more. Benton evoked feelings of such euphoria within him that it became almost maddening at times—overwhelming the young writer’s heart with more muse than he could even keep up with. Benton—oh, he was the absolute best thing that could have happened to Erroll when he did and their meeting played through not a moment too soon.

 After his aspirations fell through in Holly Wood, Erroll had been completely ready to give up as his art was shot down into the dirt behind one critical eye after another. Even with little comprehension of the words that were spat, Erroll still knew without questioning that what he brought forth only fueled hatred his way—disgust. They had mocked and sneered Erroll’s dark presentation, laughing him back out into the bustling streets of perished dreams.  The only question that birthed at the tip of his tongue after all was said and done was simply; Why? If Erroll couldn’t hope to live his life doing the one thing he was certain he excelled at, then what was the point of living at all? This had been his one chance and he put forth every last ounce of faith into it when he left home. But now, Erroll was lost and alone in Los Angeles, merely another burned out star fading with the rest. His family had disowned him with few words and the money that remained of them would soon run out. Erroll had nothing and no one to go back to and no means for return even if he did. There was nothing more for him, his thoughts were unwavering—and as he overlooked the bustling city from atop the remains of the mutilated Holly Wood sign, Erroll took them to heart—completely set on dropping over the ledge.

However, just as Erroll’s heel teetered over the steel— the wind blew with such furry it knocked him right back into the pillar he had been holding onto. His chest plummeted into the depths of his stomach, sending the German to topple over onto his knees, clasping his abdomen as he desperately searched for air. When it finally returned to him, Erroll’s burning blue iris darted over towards the lights that flashed over the darkened city and he listened as the buildings called softly for him. He didn’t know how or why he realized then—that he did have a family out there somewhere, beginning with his beloved Blick and Schon—and  that he did in fact have something to return to.  It may not have been the grandest by the means of any scale, but it was Erroll’s nonetheless. The pair had found their ways to the German and he selflessly took them in— who was he now, to take away their seconds chances in a fit of such weakness?  Erroll was not a conceded or selfish man by any stretch, nor would he ever be. With that sole truth in mind, the German grounded himself, returning his feet to the solidness of the Earth’s skin—and as he looked to Benton now, Erroll silently thanked whatever God there may be that he did. Blick and Schon had saved him that night, but ultimately— it was Benton who wove and held Erroll’s delicate threads together.

Thick, furry legs extended slowly against the inner walls of the container, inching their way up the side closest to Erroll. He leveled his fingertips to the edge, flattening his palm for his beloved spider. Gently Erroll coaxed him forward, spouting sweet terms from his rich native tongue.

"Komm her, süßer junge." He purred as he subtly wiggled his fingers, blue iris lingering gingerly upon Blick’s thick and ebony frame. As his legs stretched, prickling against the tips of Erroll’s fingers, Blick stilled. Erroll’s gaze shifted to the right at the evident hesitation, glancing to the taller man who stood beside him.

"Kein grund zur sorge,” Erroll whispered then, slowly returning his attention to his pet. “Er ist ein guter mann." At the sudden sound of Benton’s throat clearing however, Blick darted backwards, swiftly scaling the side of his dome, dipping down beneath Schon’s scaly physique. A soft breath expelled Erroll and he rested his hand, curling his fingers around the plastic opening as he waited patiently.

“Blick has hard livings.” Erroll turned to his dearest Benton then, motioning the man forward as he continued. “People have hurt badly,” His features fell sadly and meticulously he lifted his hand, gesturing towards his bright eyes. “His seeing, it is no more. But I think maybe so he never had.” Erroll lowered his hand into the tank then, murmuring under his breath as he did so.  He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth lightly before ruffling the earthy terrain beneath his palm. “He is…frighted one. So shy with other.” Erroll’s eyes scanned the floor of the tank and along the coils of Schon’s body. From beneath her tail he could see the dark ends of a trembling pair of limbs and at the sight, a warm smile shaped his full lips. Erroll softly tapped the pad of his index against the bottom, willing the spider to come forth, though he only declined. “Must be gentle in knowing is not you. Even with I there were times he did not like. Only with Schon—“ Erroll smoothly raked his finger atop the serpent’s pale scales, guiding his touch over her sleepy head and up the curve of her neck. “—has he always trusted.”

 Erroll extended his touch farther, pausing at the tip of Schon’s tail before carefully dipping below it. From her shadow, Blick finally roused, revealing his bashful frame to Erroll. As the German reached in with his other hand however, the arachnid merely scurried to the other side.

Herkommen,” Erroll demanded softly, placing the back of his right hand to the side of Blick while his left cupped around the other. "Benton will sie zu treffen." Daintily he ushered the spider forward, steering him onto the dip of his palm.  To no avail, Blick hopped and darted beneath Erroll’s arm, zooming to the opposite end once more. An irritable huff expelled full lips as Erroll chased the spider amongst the dome, hands remaining in their curled positions. “Blick,” He whined, desperately blockading the spider with either palms. “Bitte,” Erroll pleaded, bowing his head with resignation. “Sie sind sicher—“ He continued, leveling his sights with Blick’s now stilling frame. “Das verspreche ich.” Erroll nodded firmly, reassuringly as he felt the spider’s attention now resting upon him. “Benton ist…familie.Icy blue iris shifted to the ravenette then and gradually Erroll’s lips twisted into a genuinely warm smile. “Vertrauen sie mir.”

At Erroll’s plea, Blick finally submitted, reluctantly creeping towards his master. The dark length of his legs outstretched, prickling lightly against Erroll’s skin as he crawled, resting his large belly into the home of the man’s palm. Erroll’s features elated with relief at the gesture and calmly he lifted the spider. As he turned, Erroll held Blick closely against his chest before lifting him up higher to Benton’s gaze.  Slowly he unveiled the creepy crawly, exposing his dark and meaty frame.

“I promise will not bite.” Erroll spoke softly, grazing the pad of his thumb over the bump of the spider’s back. “You see—“ He tilted his jaw, searching Benton briefly for understanding. “He much more ascared of you.”

“Now come,” Erroll continued with a smile, sauntering his way around the ravenette as Blick spiraled up his own forearm. Erroll stilled behind the other man, leaning his weight into Benton  as he carefully positioned their arms together. “You take him.” He nudged Benton’s arm, encouraging Blick to step over. Just when his legs began to extend, Erroll whispered gently against his beloved’s shoulder.

“I welcome you to the family.”

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Pick An Age, Ask My Character A Question, And He Will Answer As That Age

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"I don’t know what the fuck that is but I’mma lick it anyway…"

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